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Publishing JAM Stack Web Apps with GitOps and GitHub Actions

in Gitops · 3 min read

In my previous post, we discussed how to set schedules for your JAM stack based static websites with GitHub Actions and Azure Durable Functions. But it didn't complete the final piece – scheduling automation. Throughout this post, I'm going to implement that scheduling part to be ...

3 Ways Referencing Azure Key Vault from Azure Functions

in Azure Functions · 5 min read

Almost of all time, Azure Functions or Azure App Service uses sensitive information like API auth key or database connection strings. Azure Key Vault helps to store that confidential information safely. Throughout this post, I'm going to show three different ways to get reference ...

Building RequestBin with Durable Functions

in Azure Durable-functions · 8 min read

In my previous post, I discussed the workflow orchestration using Azure Durable Functions. It's possible because of the "Stateful" nature of Durable Functions. If we make use of these characteristics, we can build an Azure Functions app in more various use cases that require the ...