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Accessing Key Vault from Logic App with Managed Identity

in Azure App-service · 3 min read

DISCLAIMER: This post is purely a personal opinion, not representing or affiliating my employer's. While using Azure Logic Apps, one of challenges is how to manage secret values, and most of time this can be handled by passing them through the ARM template parameters. The ideal ...

Writing ARM Templates in YAML

in Visual Studio-alm · 5 min read

In my previous post, ARM Template Lifecycle Management: DOs and DON'Ts, I recommend to consider YAML for ARM template authoring. In the post, I also suggest using yarm to convert YAML to JSON and/or vice-versa. However, yarm is not that easy to use because it has to be deployed t ...

Introducing YARM CLI

in Dotnet · 3 min read

In my previous post, I briefly introduced yarm. It is a simple Azure Function app to convert ARM template in JSON format to YAML and vice versa. However, it wasn't that useful in a CI/CD pipeline. So, I have also created another app called, yarm cli, which is a cross-platform too ...

Testing ARM Templates with Pester #2 - Azure CLI

in Visual Studio-alm · 4 min read

In my previous post, Testing ARM Templates with Pester #1 - PowerShell, I showed how to test behaviours ARM template deployment without actual deployment. At the end of the post, I also briefly mentioned how we can integrate this testing in our CI/CD pipeline. However, I was actu ...

ARM Template Lifecycle Management: DOs and DON'Ts

in Arm Devops-on-azure · 8 min read

Introduction Are you an experienced DevOps engineer or managing cloud resources on Azure, or about to jump into Azure resource management? While you are creating, updating or deleting resources on Azure, you must have worked with Azure Resource Manager that keeps all resource def ...

Separation of Concerns: Logic App from ARM Template

in Arm Devops-on-azure · 6 min read

Azure Logic App is a set of workflow definitions, which is written in JSON format. The nature of JSON object results in this being tightly bound with ARM template. In other words, the Logic App has a dependency on an ARM template. Due to this characteristics, when any update is m ...