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Justin Yoo

Finally, the new website has now launched!

When my Azure Subscription was about to expire, I was unable to backup blog posts for migration, which was shame. Eventually, I lost the old DevKimchi blog. Fortunately, I had a backup of posts themselves so managed to publish them using GitHub pages. There are still some images missing, though.

My initial plan with this renewed blog was:

  1. To restore all the blog posts from the GitHub pages, and
  2. To run this one as if nothing happened.

However, life was not that easy. The restore process didn't work very well. Therefore, Plan B was executed, which was:

  1. To keep the existing GitHub pages as is, with a different domain name, http://old.devkimchi.com, and
  2. To run this new one as a sort of Reboot.

Now, you can see my old blog posts through http://old.devkimchi.com and this will be filled with new posts.

Stay tuned!