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Many Meanings of Message Validation

by Justin Yoo in Enterprise Integration · 7 min read

Many information systems consist of a front-end user interface where users enter inputs and back-end that processes the input data. This concept can be extended to information systems that send and receive messages. Regardless the data come from user input or other systems, those ...

Static Code Analysis with .editorconfig

by Justin Yoo in Dotnet · 5 min read

Generally speaking, either an application or a system is built mostly by a team or a group of people. One of the first exercises building a dev team is to set up a standard development environment and configuration. It is because the whole team needs to have the same standard to ...

ServiceBusPlugin Tricks

by Justin Yoo in Sdk Support-on-azure · 5 min read

The legacy Azure Service Bus SDK (WindowsAzure.ServiceBus) uses event handlers for message pre-/post-processing. For example, OnSend is used for synchronous message pre-processing, and both OnBeginSend and OnEndSend are used for asynchronous message pre-processing. There are othe ...

Azure DevOps Pipelines Refactoring Technics

by Justin Yoo in Visual Studio-alm · 10 min read

Authoring YAML pipelines on Azure DevOps often tends to be repetitive and cumbersome. That repetition might happen at the tasks level, jobs level or stages level. If we do coding, we do refactoring those repetitive lines. Can we do such refactoring the pipelines? Of course, we ca ...