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Azure DevOps Pipelines Refactoring Technics

by Justin Yoo in Visual Studio-alm · 10 min read

Authoring YAML pipelines on Azure DevOps often tends to be repetitive and cumbersome. That repetition might happen at the tasks level, jobs level or stages level. If we do coding, we do refactoring those repetitive lines. Can we do such refactoring the pipelines? Of course, we ca ...

Enriching Mail Filtering Rules by Logic Apps

by Justin Yoo in Enterprise Integration · 7 min read

While using either or Office 365 Mail, I always want to have a better email filtering rule engines shipped. Apparently, Gmail has a better spam-mail filtering engine. Personally, as soon as I receive emails, I prefer to moving them into designated folders based on my ...

Azure Functions SRE on Azure DevOps, The First Cut

by Justin Yoo in Visual Studio-alm · 15 min read

You may have heard of the term, "Walking Skeleton" if you work with the agile methodology. Alistair Cockburn defines the term "Walking Skeleton" in his article: A Walking Skeleton is a tiny implementation of the system that performs a small end-to-end function. It need not use t ...

Azure Functions Integration Testing with Mountebank

by Justin Yoo in Asp Net-iis · 9 min read

In May at the //Build event, Azure Functions Team announced supporting dependency injection feature. This was one of the long-waited features on Azure Functions, and we don't have to use some dodge way for dependency injections any longer. I wrote a blog post about this in a few ...