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Introducing Schema Registry for Azure Messaging Services

by Justin Yoo · 6 min read

In my previous post, we discussed the Schema Registry as a tool for message validation. When designing asynchronous or event-/message-driven system architecture on the cloud, the schema registry should really be considered to check the validity of messages. Unfortunately, any of ...

ServiceBusPlugin Tricks

by Justin Yoo · 5 min read

The legacy Azure Service Bus SDK (WindowsAzure.ServiceBus) uses event handlers for message pre-/post-processing. For example, OnSend is used for synchronous message pre-processing, and both OnBeginSend and OnEndSend are used for asynchronous message pre-processing. There are othe ...

Handling JSON Objects in Legacy Azure Service Bus SDK

by Justin Yoo · 3 min read

When you're building a message-driven architecture on Azure, you highly likely to consider Azure Service Bus as a messaging platform. If you use either Azure Functions or Logic Apps, it's really easy for service integration. However, there are always cases that you would need to ...

List of Access Keys from Output Values after ARM Template Deployment

by Justin Yoo · 10 min read

There are many cases that we need to retrieve access keys and/or endpoints of Azure resources, as soon as they are deployed through ARM templates. Typical uses cases are: To display those values in the outputs section of ARM templates, To get a reference to the outputs section o ...