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Azure Apps Autopilot #2 - Deployment Script

by Justin Yoo · 5 min read

In my previous post, we built the autopilot feature, using various event triggers from GitHub Actions and Azure Bicep. Throughout this post, I'm going to build the revised autopilot feature using

Azure Bicep Refreshed

by Justin Yoo · 7 min read

In the previous post, I introduced the very early stage of Project Bicep. At that time, it was the version of 0.1.x, but now it's updated to 0.3.x. You can use it for production, and many features

Project Bicep Sneak Peek

by Justin Yoo · 7 min read

Let's have a look at the Project Bicep and ARM Template Toolkit, and GitHub Actions for both. Project Bicep Sneak Peek GitHub Actions and ARM Template Toolkit for Bicep Codes Linting Azure Bicep