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Azure DevOps Multi-Stage Pipelines Approval Strategies

by Justin Yoo · 4 min read

There are two ways using Azure DevOps Release Pipelines. We use UI so that we compose each task directly on the screen. On the other hand, we can use YAML pipelines so that all the pipeline stages, jobs and tasks are managed as code. We call the second option as "Multi-Stage Pipe ...

Writing ARM Templates in YAML

by Justin Yoo · 5 min read

In my previous post, ARM Template Lifecycle Management: DOs and DON'Ts, I recommend to consider YAML for ARM template authoring. In the post, I also suggest using yarm to convert YAML to JSON and/or vice-versa. However, yarm is not that easy to use because it has to be deployed t ...

Introducing YARM CLI

by Justin Yoo · 3 min read

In my previous post, I briefly introduced yarm. It is a simple Azure Function app to convert ARM template in JSON format to YAML and vice versa. However, it wasn't that useful in a CI/CD pipeline. So, I have also created another app called, yarm cli, which is a cross-platform too ...

ARM Template Lifecycle Management: DOs and DON'Ts

by Justin Yoo · 8 min read

Introduction Are you an experienced DevOps engineer or managing cloud resources on Azure, or about to jump into Azure resource management? While you are creating, updating or deleting resources on Azure, you must have worked with Azure Resource Manager that keeps all resource def ...