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Building PowerApps with Naver Map API

by Justin Yoo in Azure Functions · 3 min read

Power Apps is literally a powerful solution that requires low-code or no-code to build. To build an app, you don't need to understand how the programming language works. Instead, as long as you know how your business works, you can build an app. If you integrate Power Automate on ...

Today I Learnt: About Microsoft Teams Live Events

by Justin Yoo in Microsoft Teams · 4 min read

I ran a live streaming event using Microsoft Teams on last March 5th (in Korean). It was a bit of last-minute decision to run the event but, fortunately, as many as 140 attendees watched the live streaming, which I believe it would be a success. I did some research on how to run ...

Implementing ChatOps on GitHub Actions

by Justin Yoo in Github Actions · 8 min read

There have been many discussions around "Continuous Delivery" and "Continuous Deployment" while composing DevOps pipelines. A rough comparison between both can be depicted below: Depending on circumstances at your organisation, either taking "delivery" or "deployment", or combin ...

Building Custom GitHub Action with .NET Core

by Justin Yoo in Github Actions · 5 min read

Previously, I wrote several blog posts about GitHub Actions, and I'm going to continue it in this post. We've been using ready-made GitHub Actions so far. However, there might not be Actions available, which I'm looking for, or I can't use the open-sourced Actions for various rea ...

Building MS Teams Custom Connector with Azure Functions

by Justin Yoo in Microsoft Teams · 3 min read

In my previous post, we discussed how Azure Logic Apps, as a custom connector, can build up a message format in two different ways to send messages to Microsoft Teams. This post will discuss the same, but this time it will be using Azure Functions as a custom connector to send me ...