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Things to Know When Writing Azure Functions in Java

in Azure · 7 min read

Azure Functions doesn't only support C# but also supports many other languages, including Java, JavaScript, Python, PowerShell and so forth. Specifically, I'm going to discuss a few things to know

Oh My Azure Cloud Shell

in Azure · 7 min read

You likely heard of or currently use oh-my-zsh for your terminal on Linux or Mac, or WSL on Windows. It might also be possible to have heard of or currently use oh-my-posh for your PowerShell. Azure

Migrating Azure Functions OpenAPI Extension to V4

in Azure · 4 min read

In early November, 2021 Azure Functions announced its GA for .NET 6 support and V4 runtime. At the same time, Azure Functions OpenAPI Extension also announced its GA, which supports all .NET Core 2.1