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Backup & Restore Key Vault Secrets via Logic Apps

by Justin Yoo · 6 min read

There are always chances to backup and restore an Azure Key Vault instance. At this time of writing, Key Vault doesn't support the bulk back-up of the whole keys/secrets/certificates in an instance, but only supports back-up individual keys/secrets/certificates. Generally speakin ...

Getting the Latest Array Item with Inline Script in Logic App

by Justin Yoo · 4 min read

In my previous post, we've walked through a Logic App workflow to get the latest item in an array, by combining the Select action and the Filter action. In fact, although this approach is practical, it is only applicable for a few specific use cases, and a workaround, which is a ...

Getting the Latest Array Item in Logic App

by Justin Yoo · 3 min read

Back in the day at one of my previous client engagements, I had a chance to have a quick chat about this: Q: Can we sort an array within a Logic App workflow? A: As the Logic App is a workflow engine, only basic levels of data handling features are provided out-of-the-box. There ...

Introducing Schema Registry for Azure Messaging Services

by Justin Yoo · 6 min read

In my previous post, we discussed the Schema Registry as a tool for message validation. When designing asynchronous or event-/message-driven system architecture on the cloud, the schema registry should really be considered to check the validity of messages. Unfortunately, any of ...

Many Meanings of Message Validation

by Justin Yoo · 7 min read

Many information systems consist of a front-end user interface where users enter inputs and back-end that processes the input data. This concept can be extended to information systems that send and receive messages. Regardless the data come from user input or other systems, those ...