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Migrating Wordpress to Gridsome on Netlify through GitHub Actions

by Justin Yoo · 8 min read

This post discusses the whole process that migrates existing Wordpress websites to gridsome based on vue.js, deploys them to Netlify through GitHub Actions. Why Migration? There's no doubt that Wordpress is one of the most well-known and well-made blog publishing tools in the wor ...

Building Clearly Bounded CI/CD Pipelines with GitHub Actions

by Justin Yoo · 5 min read

In my prevous post, we built a workflow, using GitHub Actions to build, test and deploy a static web app to Azure Blob Storage. Throughout this post, I'm extending the previous workflow with bounded CI/CD pipelines to separate concerns. You can download the sample codes used in ...

Publishing Static Website to Azure Blob Storage via GitHub Actions

by Justin Yoo · 7 min read

GitHub announced that GitHub Actions has been generally available in November. Since that, there have already been a huge number of Actions on the marketplace. As the usage of Actions is pretty simple and straight forward, as long as you know a few key concepts, you can easily ge ...