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Getting the Latest Array Item in Logic App

by Justin Yoo · 3 min read

Back in the day at one of my previous client engagements, I had a chance to have a quick chat about this: Q: Can we sort an array within a Logic App workflow? A: As the Logic App is a workflow

Enriching Mail Filtering Rules by Logic Apps

by Justin Yoo · 6 min read

While using either Outlook.com or Office 365 Mail, I always want to have a better email filtering rule engines shipped. Apparently, Gmail has a better spam-mail filtering engine. Personally, as soon

Terraforming Azure PaaS

by Justin Yoo · 10 min read

DISCLAIMER: This post is purely a personal opinion, not representing or affiliating my employer's. Terraform is a cloud infrastructure automation tool made by HashiCorp. Each cloud vendor has their